Leila's at the Grand, Lebanese cuisine, Bowral, Southern Highlands

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Never rushed, always savoured. Traditional Lebanese food with a modern twist.

Mezze Menu

Available from 12pm all day.

Manoushi Za’tar bread (V+)

Raye's own special za'tar blend

Labneh (V/GF)

Tangy, thick & creamy, a classic yoghurt dip, served with fresh and fried Lebanese bread

Hommous (V+/GF)

A chickpea & tahini blend served with fresh and fried Lebanese bread

Baba Ghanoush (V+GF)

An eggplant delight with a delicious smokey flavour, served with fresh and fried Lebanese bread

Muhammara (V+/GF)

Flavoursome char grilled red capsicum with chilli, walnuts & pomegranate molasses.

Hommous With Ground Beef & Pine Nuts (GF/DF)

Spiced ground beef with pine nuts over hommous served with fresh Lebanese bread.

Fuul (beans) (V+GF)

Velvety, lemony and garlicky, these slow cooked fava beans are topped with diced tomato & Extra Virgin Olive Oil served with fresh mint, shallots and radish with bread on the side

Kibbeh (4) (DF)

Made from lamb and hearty bulgar wheat, these croquettes are a flavourful blend of fragrant herbs, spices and finely minced lamb

Sambousek (DF) (4)

Lightly fried pastry filled with either cheese, or a lamb & onion mix

Falafel (4) (V+GF)

Made from ground chickpea and fava beans, these are hot and crunchy on the outside, fluffy and herby on the inside, served with tahini sauce and mixed pickles

Ladies Fingers (4) (V)

Savoury filo pastries filled with Tayta’s housemade halloumi

Warah Enib (V+/GF)

Stuffed grape leaves is a quintessential Lebanese dish of spiced rice and fresh herbs rolled in vine leaves and poached to perfection in a preserved lemony broth

Shanklish (V+/GF)

Spicy aged cheese, served with tomato, onion & parsley drizzled with olive oil & lemon juice

Mix Mezza

$22 for one | $38 for two
Kibbe, falafel, ladies fingers, sambousek lamb

Grilled Halloumi (V/GF)

Served with fresh tomato & basil with a balsamic glaze and a sprinkle of pomegranate pearls

Fried Cauliflower (V+/GF)

Florets drizzled with sumac, pomegranate pearls and our own tahini sauce

Coriander Potatoes (V/GF/V+ option)

Lightly fried until crispy and then tossed in a dressing of coriander and garlic finished off with lemon

Kabees (pickles) (V+/GF)

Marinated olives, pickled peppers, cucumber and turnips

Ma'anek (6) (GF/DF)

Small spicy sausages seasoned with seven spice mix tossed in pomegranate molasses and topped with roasted pine nuts

Taboulie Salad (V+GF option)

Classic Middle Eastern salad...finely chopped continental parsley with tomato, mint, onion, bulgar, seven spice mix and Brushwood’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil & lemon juice...it is everything!

Fattoush Salad (V+/GF option)

A frequent zesty family favourite - think chopped salad of mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, radish, onion and sumac with flat bread croutons

Balila Pumpkin Salad (V/GF)

Our twist on a classic Lebanese Balila Salad, warm maple glazed pumpkin, chick peas, crispy cabbage, sumac onion, scattered pepitas & dates with a creamy herby tahini dressing.

Saffron Rice (V+/GF)


Mains Lunch & Dinner Menu

Lunch from 12pm to 2.45pm. Dinner from 5.30pm.

Sujuk (GF/DF)

Pan seared spicy Lebanese sausage with tomato & parsley

Kibbe Nay (DF)

Served Fridays & Saturdays only or upon prior request. Finely ground RAW lean lamb pounded with bulgur wheat and spices, served with a fresh onion, mint and radish mix then drizzled with Brushwood’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A dance in your mouth, or heaven on a plate!

Mujaddara (V+GF option)

Slow cooked rice and lentils with caramelised onion served with a side dip of minted yoghurt and pickles

Beirut Bowl (V+/GF)

Falafel & tahini sauce, wara enib, fuul (beans) cauliflower & sumac, mjudarra, baba ganoush, hommous, fattoush salad, mix pickles + fresh and fried Lebanese breads

Lamb Mansaf (GF/DF Option)

Eight hour slow cooked Cattleman’s lamb shank served over a fluffy meat & rice pilaf, drizzled with our signature splash of almond, walnut, pistachio and pine nut hot buttery sauce with a minted yoghurt dip on the side.

Samakeh Harra (GF/DF option)

Grilled barramundi with lemon, chilli & coriander tahini sauce drizzled with our signature splash of almond, walnut, pistachio and pine nut hot buttery sauce. Served with a side of coriander potatoes and fattoush salad

Creamy Garlic Lemon Chicken (GF)

Tender chickenloins with delicious lemon garlic sauce with parsley & chilli potatoes

Garlic Chicken Skewers (GF)

$26 for 3 | $46 for 6
With Lebanese bread

Diced Lamb Skewers with red capsicum and onions (GF/DF)

$32 for 3 | $54 for 6
With Lebanese bread

Kafta (Spiced Lamb Mince) Skewers (GF/DF)

$27 for 3 | $48 for 6
With Lebanese bread

Mixed Grill Platters (GF&DF option)

$40 platter for one person (3 skewers / taboulie only) | $80 platter for two people (6 skewers)
By far our most popular item on the menu, these mixed platters are the perfect combination to try a bit of this and taste a bit of that. They are skewers of garlic chicken, lamb & kafta with hommous, baba ganoush, flat spicy potatoes, toum, mixed pickles, garlic bread and fresh Lebanese bread and your choice of taboulie OR fattoush.

Lamb Sharwarma (DF/GF option)

Marinated juicy lamb strips with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, tahini sauce & hommous served with warm Lebanese bread & chips.

Chicken Sharwarma (GF/DF Option)

Marinated chicken tenderloins with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickles, hommous, labneh & toum with warm Lebanese bread & chips.

Chicken & Rice (GF/DF Option)

Fluffy rice pilaf with minced lamb and shredded chicken seasoned with seven spice mix topped with slivered almonds and cashews (goes well with tabouli or fattoush)

Whole Lamb Shoulder 1.5-1.7kg (GF)

Eight hour slow braised whole lamb shoulder with roast potatoes, carrot, maple glazed pumpkin, salsa verde & jus.

Chips (GF)


Toum (V+/GF))

Creamy garlic dip

10 and Under

One Skewer (choice of chicken or kafta) with chips

Chicken nuggets & chips


Banquet Menu

Available for minimum 4 people. $75 per person – add $5 per person for Lebanese coffee and baklava.

Za’tar Crusts Manoushi

Raye’s own special za’tar blend


Hommous, Labne, Baba Ganoush

Taboulie Salad or Fattoush Salad


Wara Enib

Sambousek Lamb

Garlic Chicken Skewers

Lamb Skewers

Kafta (Spiced Lamb Mince) Skewers

Coriander Potatoes

Mix Pickles

Fresh and fried Lebanese bread

Today's Specials

Available from midday, Tuesday to Friday.

Roast Pork Belly Sandwich

Crispy pork belly / corn puree / apple / aioli / Nan’s relish / rocket

7 hours Lamb Sandwich

Nan’s relish / caramelized onions / relish/ aioli / rocket

Freekeh Soup

With braised chicken / toasted nuts

Lebanese Wrap - Kofta

Served with chips and salad - hummus / potato chips / Lebanese pickles

Lebanese Wrap - Chicken

Served with chips and salad - garlic / potato chips / Lebanese pickles

Lebanese Wrap - Traditional Falafel Rol

Served with chips and salad - salad / tahini / Lebanese pickles

Lebanese Wrap - Diced Lamb (Lahem Meshwi)

Served with chips and salad - hummus / mixed leaf lettuce / Tahini / Lebanese pickles

Cocktail List

Available from 12pm.

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Aperol Spritz

Aperol / prosecco / soda water / ice

Espresso Martini

Absolut Vodka / Kahlua / espresso

French Martini

Absolut Vodka / Chambord / pineapple juice


Tequila / Cointreau / lime juice

Lebanese Mint Margarita

Don Julio / Cointreau / mint / lemon

Lemon Drop

Absolut Vodka / simple syrup / Cointreau


Bombay Sapphire / Campari / Vermouth Rosso

The GinGin

Gin / ginger beer / fresh lime juice / cucumber / mint / agave syrup

The Passionfruit Mule

Vodka / passionfruit / lime / soda

Kiwi Fizz

Garden SoHi Gin / St Germain / mint / kiwi

Garden of Tripoli

Kruskovac / Peach Schnapps / Malibu / pineapple juice

Amaretto Sour

Amaretto / lemon / egg white

Aperol Sour

Aperol / Gin / lemon / egg white

American Honey Sour

Wild Turkey American Honey / lemon / egg white

Violetta Sour

Hendricks / Parfaituadd / lemon / egg white

Pomegranate Sour

Pomegranate / Chambord / Pama / St Germain / egg white

Sweet Manhattan

Wild Turkey American Honey / Sweet Vermouth / orange bitters

Old Fashioned

Buffalo Trace / Bitters / orange zest

Passion Fever

Malibu / Gin / Passionfruit / Orange Bitters


American Honey / Peach Schnapps / Peach Syrup

Limoncello Spritz

Limoncello / Sparkling / Soda

10% surcharge applies on Sundays and Public Holidays

Bring your good appetite with you!

Generous portions, nourishing comfort food with Lebanese spice.

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