Authentic, traditional
Lebanese cuisine.

Fully Licensed

Delicious, rustic food made with love in the heart of the Southern Highlands.

Leila's at the Grand, Lebanese cuisine, Bowral, Southern Highlands

Traditional family recipes refined & modernised

Our menu has been refined over generations, from a long Lebanese family legacy, to Michael’s Mother Leila, to your table today. Lebanese food is to be eaten any way really, but traditionally it’s to be shared. Platters in the middle with plenty left over for seconds. 

We are fully licensed. 

To book a group gathering, please call our restaurant to discuss our banquet menu.

Spice. Warmth. Balance.

Hearty, tasty food best shared with your favourite people.
Bring your good appetite with you.

The story of Leila's

Michael and Raye met at his brother’s restaurant in Haberfield. It was an Italian restaurant to start but they switched it to a Lebanese menu and had Michael’s mother, Leila, cooking in the kitchen. Her food was incredible to say the least.

Next thing, Michael and Raye bought Cafe Rocca, packed up and moved and of course brought Leila with them. She was instrumental in the success of Rocca as it was nearly all of her recipes.

Leila may no longer be here with us, but this is a tribute to her and to all Tayta’s.

Leila's at the Grand, Lebanese cuisine, Bowral, Southern Highlands
Leila's at the Grand, Lebanese cuisine, Bowral

Lebanese recipes passed down through generations

Let’s talk about grandmothers! They are legendary and are known by the name of TAYTA. We learned to cook from our mothers but more so by our grandmothers as they had more time to teach!

Join us to try some of the traditional meals our Tayta taught us.

Give the gift of food

Share the love … and the food. Gift cards available.

"Bring your good appetite with you ..."

Kahlil Gibran, Lebanese artist, poet, and philosopher (1883 – 1931)

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